Tupelo Honey

Van Morrison is a great singer-songwriter. His Moondance album is particularly superb, but many of his others had great songs. This is one of my favorites. It’s a love song as only Van Morrison could write it. As I type out the lyrics, I realize that it’s actually quite short, but Morrison has an ability to take a small number of words and get lots of mileage out of them.

You can take all the tea in China
Put it in a big, brown bag for me
Sail right around all the seven oceans
Drop it straight into the deep blue sea

She’s as sweet as Tupelo honey
She’s an angel of the first degree
She’s as sweet as Tupelo honey
Just like honey, baby, from a bee

You can’t stop us on the road to freedom
You can’t keep us, ’cause our eyes will see
Men of insight, men in granite
Knights in armor bent on chivalry

She’s as sweet as Tupelo honey . . .


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