You’re a Big Girl Now

In 1965, Bob Dylan was booed off the stage at the Newport Folk Festival for abandoning his folk roots for electric guitars and rock and roll. During his electric phase, he produced some great albums such as Highway 61 Revisited and Bringing it All Back Home and some enduring songs such as “Like a Rolling Stone.” His musical collaborations with The Band during the late ’60s and early ’70s still hold up well today.

In 1974, Dylan returned to his folk/acoustic roots with Blood on the Tracks, perhaps his greatest album. Bits of the album borrow from Dylan’s electric phase, but maintain the deep, lyrical sensibility of his early work. “You’re a Big Girl Now” has some of Dylan’s best lyrical work on an already great album. My particular favorite line is the last one: “I’m going out of my mind/with a pain that stops and starts/like a corkscrew to the heart/ever since we’ve been apart.” This cover isn’t a note-perfect recreation of the album so much as my own personal spin on this Dylan classic.

Our conversation
Was short and sweet
It nearly swept me
Right off of my feet
Now I’m back in the rain
And you are on dry land
You made it there somehow
You’re a big girl now

Bird on the horizon
Sitting on the fence
He’s singing a song for me
At his own expense
And I’m just like that bird
Singing just for you
I hope that you can hear
Hear me singing through these tears

Love is simple
To quote a phrase
You’ve known it all the time
I’m learning it these days
Oh I know where I can find you
In someone else’s room
It’s the price I have to pay
You’re a big girl all the way

Time is a jet plane
It moves too fast
Ah but what a shame
That all we’ve shared can’t last
I can change I swear
See what you can do
I can make it through
You can make it, too

A change in the weather
Is known to be extreme
But what’s the sense in changing
Horses in midstream
I’m going out of my mind
With a pain that stops and starts
Like a corkscrew to the heart
Ever since we’ve been apart

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